Questions & Answers

  • Can I reserve a parcel or a camping place?

At the moment, we are not accepting reservations for tents and trailers, since we are not able to provide special positioning and comply with our guestsˋ individual needs.

  • Can I make a reservation for bungalow?

Yes, you can make a reservation for bungalow by e-mail, fax or phone.

  • Parcel reservation on your arrival.

Guests are allowed to choose a parcel or a camping place among those available on the arrival day. If they are not able to find a place by themselves, they can always ask our kind receptionists for help.

  • Personal documents

On their arrival at the reception, guests are obliged to leave passports of all the people who are to stay in the campsite.

  • Can I enter the campsite during the night?

Entering the campsite during the “night hours” is not allowed. If you come from 23h – 07h, you can settle on the parking place near reception.

  • When do I have to leave the campsite on the departure day?

On the departure day, guests are obliged to free their parcel until 13h. Contrarily, guests will be charged an extra day.

  • Can daily visitors enter the campsite?

Daily visitors are able to enter the campsite only by foot (car can be left on a parking place in front of the campsite) if purchasing a daily ticket (on reception).

  • Distance of current and water from parcel or camping place?

All the parcels and camping places have current supply. Maximum distance to current supply cabinets is 20 meters. Faucets, dish washing lavatories and sanitary blocks are not far from parcels. They are in the center of the campsite, behind the restaurant.

  • Can I bring my vessel and launch it into the sea?

There is a place in the campsite where you can launch your vessel into the sea, as well as small harbor with berth.

  • Can I bring a pet with me?

Pets are allowed to enter the campsite and their owner will be charged for them according to the actual price list. Guests are asked to take their dogs on leashes as well as to control their behavior.

  • Are dogs allowed to swim in the sea?

Dogs and other pets are not allowed to swim within part of the beach surrounded by buoys.

  • Are there separate showers for pets?

It is forbidden to shower your pets in an area predicted for people. There is a faucet behind the restaurant where you can shower your pet.

  • Naturist part of the campsite

In the FKK part of the campsite, guests are obliged to be naked – in the sea, on the beach and on their parcels. Exceptions can be taken into consideration in the case of bad weather conditions or health conditions of the guest. It is strictly forbidden for non-naked guests to enter the FKK area.  It is also forbidden for nudists to enter the restaurant or other parts of the campsite without wearing clothes.

  • Can I start fire or make a barbecue?

It is strictly forbidden and even punishable to start fire in the open anywhere in the shore in summertime. Nevertheless, we ensured that our guests can use a grill from the restaurant if previously consulted with the kitchen staff.

  • Driving in the campsite.

There is a speed limit when driving in the campsite – 10 km/h. In the “night hours” period, it is forbidden to drive motor vehicles in the campsite. If you come back to the campsite after 23h, you can leave your vehicle on the parking place in front of reception and you can enter the campsite by foot.

  • Taxi

All the information regarding taxi service can be found on the reception.

  • Is there a phone booth and internet access in the campsite?

Since there is no phone line within the campsite, there are no phone booths or internet accesses. The nearest place where these services are available is Sućuraj, 4 km away from the campsite.

  • What is the fastest way to get medical help?

In a case of an accident or any other type of urgent intervention, you are to inform the receptionists. They will contact an emergency service and a doctor from Sućuraj. There you can also find an ambulance and a handy apothecary.

  • Postal service

For sending and receiving messages or any other type of post, please, contact the reception. You can also buy postcards there.

  • Can I pay my bill with a credit card?

Since there is no phone line within the campsite, we are not able to receive credit cards. You can get all the information regarding payment on the reception and you can retrieve money in a post office or an ATM in Sućuraj. Note:

  • Since the solar systems provide the campsite with warm water, you are asked to be rational when spending it. You are also asked to be rational when taking space on your parcel. In contrary, you will be charged an extra parcel.
  • If the campsite gets crowded, the receptionist is free to move the guests in order to create more space for the others – if possible.
  • The parking place near the reception, in front of the campsite, is to be charged according to the current price list.
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